Actizeet 20 Grams

(96 customer reviews)

4,950.00 3,950.00


Actizeet 20 Grams

4,950.00 3,950.00


Actizeet  Pure Shilajit Resin

20 Grams Pack / 90 Days Servings

Actizeet  Pure Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy which allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.

  • OVER 85 POTENT MINERALS & substances, for natural performance enhancement & healthy aging
  • MINERAL-RICH concentrated resin helps metabolize proteins & vitamins. Dissolves easily in water
  • ANTIOXIDANT & bio-generative properties promote cellular regeneration & maintenance of older cells
  • Certified by Food Safety and Standard Authority of India
  • No Side Effects

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  • International : 10 to 15 Days

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(96 customer reviews)

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Actizeet  Himalayan Shilajit is the greatest gift of nature. It is a natural source of energy which allows people to work harder with less exhaustion and more concentration. Using Actizeet in daily routine can help you improve your lifestyle.



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  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN) : U52100WB2018PTC226735
  • Goods and Servives Tax Registration No. (GSTIN): 19AAGCT8291D1ZZ
  • Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) : CALT08741F
  • Food Standard and Safety Authority of India Registration No. 22818048000160
  • Import Export Code: AAGCT8291D
  • 100% Authentic Himalayan Shilajit  20 Gram. 90 days Supply
  • Natural supplement straight from the Himalayas
  • Pure Shilajit Resin contains over 85 natural nutrients
  • Comes in a semi-solid resin form
  • Pure Shilajit Resin has an earthy smell
  • Has no additives or preservatives
  • Free of organic contaminants and heavy metals
  • Can be taken in warm water, milk, or tea
  • Available for shipping around the world


96 reviews for Actizeet 20 Grams

  1. Paresh Berdiya

    Stay With Actizeet
    Just received my second supply of Actizeet in the mail today ! Will continue to use this shilajit to help with energy at work.
    Paresh Berdiya
    Mumbai, Maharashtra,India

  2. Omri Sabag

    Actizeet For Everyone
    I am using Actizeet two times a day and it is giving me great benefits. I wanted to add the best version of shilajit for my supplements. I am recommending Actizeet to everyone!
    Omri Sabag
    Katowice, Poland

  3. Kishor Pagare

    My Results
    I just received my package of Actizeet and it arrived as expected. The packaging was fine. I will report back in a month to share my results.
    Kishor Pagare
    Fagaras, Romania

  4. Sampath Parekh

    Increased my confidence and improved my clarity of thought
    This is something amazing , which is very natural. I ordered Actizeet and got in two days. My left leg was having sprain when I got this Actizeet. This sprain was there since last two weeks and I was limping all the while. When I took this Actizeet(small quantity) in a glass of fresh water for two days two times morning and evening, the sprain disappeared. The third day morning , when I got up I could walk normally.
    Now I have been with it for almost two weeks , My stomach upset problem has totally disappeared and no more bloating. Further I used to feel weak after my gym exercises . After taking Actizeet more than 1 week, I am no more feeling weak, in fact my energy is same as before . I also see that I am able to focus much better while at work and at home. I will definitely continue to use it as it has increased my confidence and improved my clarity of thought.
    Sampath Parekh
    New Delhi, India

  5. Sai Vinod

    Take Actizeet Everyday
    I take Actizeet every day first thing in the morning.
    Sai Vinod
    Rampur, Uttar Pradesh,India

  6. Ritz Ko

    Actizeet Is The Best
    Our family has sampled several sources of shilajit over the years, and this Actizeet wins with everyone. We are able to eliminate caffeine in our diets. Using a tiny amount each morning helps us all with energy and clarity. Cut down on caffeine using Actizeet, folks!
    Ritz Ko
    New York, US

  7. Chris Jennings

    immediate burst of energy
    Loved the almost immediate burst of energy, and the pain in my knees eased with the first dose. My mood were greatly improved. Neither mind the smoky taste at all. Drinking filtered water for years, and I think the infusion of minerals is just what the doctor didn’t have sense enough to order 😉 This is going to replace several supplements. and I can’t wait to see how we feel a month from now!
    Chris Jennings
    Goa, India

  8. Siobhan Collie

    Actizeet picked me up within about 20 minutes
    I was complaining to my friend that I was run down and heat stressed. She offered me a single dose of Actizeet and it picked me up within about 20 minutes. I definitely want to get my own Actizeet and find out a bit more about it.
    Siobhan Collie
    Geneva, Switzerland

  9. James Larry

    Amazing Improvement
    I have noticed an amazing improvement in my total health after I have used Actizeet. I should never have thought that my total health can be that great after it. In case you are hesitating please try it without any concerns.
    James Larry
    Utica, New York

  10. G. Staley

    Actizeet is a wonderful supplement
    As a 60 year old male with a few minor aches and pains, I was given some Actizeet by a friend for a trial use. I knew nothing about it, but was open minded to trying it. For the past 30 years I have regularly taken many vitamins and supplements. Taking just a small amount of Actizeet daily I immediately began feeling more energetic. Almost all the minor aches and pains significantly decreased. Actizeet is a wonderful supplement.”

    G. Staley
    Leaburg, Oregon

  11. Al Paladeni

    more endurance and stamina
    Although I am no expert on the the history and benefits of shilajit I can say that in the month or so that I have tried Actizeet. I have noticed I have more endurance and stamina. With each passing week I have also felt a subtle sense of well-being, both physically and emotionally. Not bad for an old guy.”

    Al Paladeni
    Los Angeles, California.

  12. William Copeland

    Actizeet Is The Best
    I’m on a mission to find the latest superfoods, and it’s looking like that is Actizeet right now! It is my understanding that this brand is the best of the shilajit. I expect I’ll save thousands of dollars on health care thanks to Actizeet.
    William Copeland
    Elizabeth City, North Carolina

  13. Vikash Gohel

    Three Cheers For Actizeet
    Three cheers for this product, Actizeet! It is a life changing, all natural substance. Highly recommend especially thanks to their great customer service.
    Vikash Gohel
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

  14. Irfan Turi

    I’m Super Happy
    I bought Actizeet to get clarity in thinking, and boy have I been impressed! I am having very vivid, almost lucid, dreams since I started taking Actizeet. That’s a surprise to me and I’m super happy.
    Irfan Turi
    Peshawar, Pakistan

  15. Kuldip Jaswal

    I Am With Actizeet
    I have suffered from a whole host of health conditions my entire life. So when I saw that Actizeet was available for a reduced price, it was a given I would accept. My joint pain from arthritis has been decreased substantially without pain killing drugs or narcotics. Am I going to purchase this product full price? Oh, yes I will. Do I recommend Actizeet for my loved ones? Certainly.
    Kuldip Jaswal
    Chandigarh, India

  16. Vinay Kumar Shetty

    My Super Tonic
    After hearing the wonders of Actizeet I did my own research of other types of shilajit. Everything continued to direct me right back to this brand, thanks to its high quality. I was not sure what it would look or taste like, but my Actizeet is easy to use in warm water. I only wait for 20 seconds and I am ready to drink my tonic. Highly recommend for energy!
    Vinay Kumar Shetty
    Hebri, Karnataka, India

  17. Vikram Agrawal

    Amazing Food
    Amazing, simply amazing. I’ve never felt so wonderful. Following some research on my own I learned that the liquid is far superior in power to the capsules. Also do not use tap water or chlorinated water when drinking this for best results.
    Vikram Agrawal
    Surat, Gujarat, India

  18. Gattofrank Massa

    I Am Satisfied
    I am satisfied with the seller of the best Actizeet Shilajit Resin.
    Gattofrank Massa
    Milan, Italy

  19. Reed Oslund

    It Is A Fantastic Product
    Actizeet is a fantastic product! It’s only been a couple of weeks since I started taking this form of shilajit, but I’m already seeing a big improvement. My energy levels are off the charts now! Getting back my mojo and vitality with Actizeet.
    Reed Oslund
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  20. Erminio Vanzan

    Good Service
    The seller is 100 percent amazing and provides great customer service.
    Erminio Vanzan
    Valenza, Piemonte, Italy

  21. Azad Singh

    Super Customer Care
    I contacted the company for information about the medical benefits of Actizeet and was pleasantly surprised at how they reacted. They answered all of my questions even though I’m a bit of a talker . It was great to talk to a company and actually hear a real person, too!
    Azad Singh
    Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

  22. Dharmesh Padhiyar

    So Good
    Working so fast.
    Dharmesh Padhiyar
    Surat, Gujarat, India

  23. Dipen Govindji Shah

    Top source for Shilajit Resin is Actizeet, hands down.
    Dipen Govindji Shah
    Matunga, Maharashtra, India

  24. Mahesh Madhu

    Highest Quality
    This Actizeet is the highest quality of shilajit I have come across on the internet. Everyone in my family uses shilajit and enjoys the effects.
    Mahesh Madhu
    Kanjirappally, Kerala, India

  25. Sukher K Mawshun

    Best Quality Shilajit
    Best quality shilajit I can find. This Actizeet gives me a nearly hyperactive feeling. The taste is strong, almost like eating mud if you ingest it straight. The instructions and packaging are A+.
    Sukher K Mawshun
    Shillong, Meghalaya, India

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