What is so special about Actizeet ?

ACTIZEET is the purest form of Natural Himalayan Shilajit that contains over 85 minerals necessary to maintain overall health and lifestyle.

What dosage should I take ?

You can start by taking a small amount equivalent to the size of a rice (-100 mg) once a day. The dosage can be increased up to 3 times a day until you achieve the desired results.

Am I in danger to use it ?

No, you aren’t. Since Actizeet is an organic supplement with no additional ingredients, it will do you no harm as long as your intake controlled.

Is it safe to take it?

Yes, it is as long as you follow the directions given on the box.

Is your product pure or chemically enhanced ?

No, Actizeet is not chemically enhanced. It is the purest form of natural himalayan shilajit with no extra additives or ingredients.

Do You take International orders?

Yes we are delivering our products worldwide.

When is my order shipped?

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours of your order placement time.

How long will delivery take?

Following your order placement, your shipment will reach you in 5-7 days.

What are the shipping rate ?

Now Shipping is free.

What are my payment options?

We’re currently  accepting Net Banking, Visa and Mastercard American Express.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

Yes. Actizeet server is fully secured.

If I want to make a bulk purchase can I get a discount?

Yes, bulk orders can get a discounted price. Reach us at Contact Us

Do you support wire transfer?

Yes. We do.

Any Question ?

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